We stand by the workmanship and quality of the services we offer. View warranty information below.

Windshield Repairs

The size, age, and cleanliness of the original break can impact the quality of the finished repair. Contaminants in the damage can influence the clarity of the finished repair, although the structural integrity of the glass is restored. You may see the original impact point where the rock hit your glass more or less depending upon its size. There is a chance that the damage may spread or crack from the pressure caused by the repair process while we are performing the work; if this happens, we will not charge for the repair and, with your approval, will schedule a windshield replacement. If the repaired damage ever does spread or fail in any way, or if you are not satisfied with the finished repair, we will credit your repair payment towards the price of a windshield replacement performed by City Auto Glass.

Windshield and Fixed Glass Replacements

City Auto Glass warrants your windshield or fixed glass installation to be free of defects in materials and leakage due to workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. Stress breaks or other defects in the glass are warranted for 90 days. Motorhome/RV windshields carry no stress breakage warranty. If rust is evident, we cannot fully warrant the installation or glass part. Please see our rust documentation stating our limited warranty policy that is based upon the rust level. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts obtained from a dealer at your request are not warranted by City Auto Glass against defects, but may be warranted by the dealer that it was purchased from. Upon request we will supply the purchase receipt so that you may make a warranty claim inquiry. All warranties provided by City Auto Glass are non-transferable. All warranty claims must be presented to and authorized by a City Auto Glass representative prior to any work being performed.

Movable Glass Replacements

Movable glass parts replaced by City Auto Glass are warranted for 90 days against operational failure. We cannot warranty existing mechanical parts. Any temporary usage restrictions on movable glass parts will be noted by the technician; otherwise you may operate immediately. We vacuum the loose pieces of glass but fragments can penetrate your seats, carpet, and air vents. We strongly suggest that you re-vacuum to assure that all of the fragments have been removed.