What are Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and how do they relate to windshield replacement?

ADAS use computer connected sensors and cameras to assist and keep you safe while driving. In the image and video below you can learn about what these systems do and how they operate. In most cases, the vehicle manufacturer requires that certain types of ADAS need to be re-calibrated following windshield replacement. City Auto Glass offers a one-stop solution for windshield replacement and ADAS re-calibration. Our Customer Service Representatives will advise you of your vehicle model’s ADAS service requirements and schedule your windshield replacement and re-calibration in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do ADAS actually help to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities?

Here’s what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) data shows.

What if the dealership that I purchased my car from tells that re-calibration of the ADAS following windshield replacement is not necessary for my car?

Because ADAS is a relatively new technology, there are still a great many automotive dealerships that are unaware of the manufacturer’s recommendations and/or do not perform ADAS re-calibrations. We have an extensive database of over 650 individual vehicle model’s re-calibration service requirements and will advise you accordingly with your utmost safety in mind.